Library Magic

I still remember the first time the library became a magical place for me.  It was 1995 (yes, that is a long time ago) and I was a senior in high school.  As seniors are wont to do, I was avoiding all work and trying my best to distract those actually working in the library (sorry, Miss Gillispie…does it make a difference that now all I want to do is be a librarian).  I decided to go to the children’s section and have “storytime” and because libraries are magic, I found this amazing book called Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka.  I think I read that book every day for the rest of the year and now I read it to my children. It introduced me to a world where volumes could be communicated with just one word and a carefully illustrated page.

As the mother of four children ages 3-9, picture books, first readers, and beginner chapter books are a significant part of my life.  Despite my love of books and libraries, when I am standing in front of rows of books with any number of children running around the library doing who knows what (well, I’m sure the other mothers and the librarians know what, but I remain stubbornly unaware), functioning on minimal sleep, distracted by what we have to do next and what I have already missed, finding the joy in discovering that hidden gem of a book that will unlock my child’s love of reading is the very last thing on my mind.  I find myself staring at said rows trying to figure out how to pick out a library book, as if I don’t have approximately 30 years of experience, which brings me to the point of this blog.

Sharing book recommendations and ideas is something that infuses (some would say “dominates”) most of conversations and a lot of my time.  Here I am able to write it down so that I don’t forget what I have read and recommended or what has been recommended to me, as well as open this space up to hear your recommendations.  Basically, I plan to live vicariously as a librarian through this blog…just to be clear!

May the books of your house have well worn pages and the people of your home discover!


4 thoughts on “Library Magic

  1. Christy,
    My eldest left home this week and I was to touched to see The Chronicles of Narnia tucked in the top of a box! Reading it aloud by the fire is one of my sweetest parenting memories. (By the way, this child’s expected arrival in 1995 was shared secretly in that very same library you described.) Happy reading and sharing. Have you discovered the “Hairy McClairy” series in your travels?
    Fiona x


    • The Chronicles of Narnia belongs in every child’s library! The memories of discoveries those stories for the first time are treasured.
      I have not read the “Hairy McClairy” series, but I will put it on my list this week. This is exactly why I wanted to do this blog, I love hearing about what other people have found.
      Thanks for sharing.


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