Summer Reading Programs

There are approximately 50, 400 minutes of summer vacation when my children are not sleeping.  If I am guessing, I’m going to say there are approximately, oh I don’t know, 50,400 times that I will hear something along the lines of “I’m bored,” “there’s nothing to do,” “can we ( insert something insane that only four bored children could think of),” “you’re so mean” (wait, that’s a different kind of blog. This is about books, people, don’t side track me).

Now I know some of you are thinking this is a perfect time to use the line “if you’re so bored I can find something for you to do” or finally use a very inspiring, Pinterest worthy chore chart that will revolutionize the way your children view their time, making them responsible contributors to the maintenance of the home.  I wish you well!  Again, that’s a different kind of blog, definitely not written by me.  I am all about reading and certainly not above bribery (or “motivation,” if that makes you feel better about what we’re doing).

To that end, there are some very good summer reading programs available for young readers.  Your local library is the first place to go.  Every year there is a different theme and this year, at least here in Southern California, it’s “Read for the Win” (librarians are so creative, honestly!).  Usually, you can find a “Read-to-Me” club for your non-independent readers (you know the ones who claim they can’t read, but will catch your EVERY missed word/page) and then a separate one for the independent readers.  After a determined number of books or minutes, they are motivated with a free book or prize.

Barnes and Noble also has a way to for kids to earn a free book through their “Celebrate Summer Reading” program.  Each child has a reading journal and they answer three of four questions about books they have read.  Once the journal is turned in, the child receives a free book but there is a designated list of giveaway books for each age.


I apologize for this one ahead of time…just reporting what there is. Kids can earn Chuck E Cheese tokens with their ReadingRewards. There is a reading chart that can be downloaded.  After reading everyday for two weeks, the chart can be turned in to Chuck E. Cheese for 10 free (except for the cost to your sanity) tokens.  This can only be done one time per child.

Scholastic Books has a program as well.  Through their site, kids log their reading minutes online and earn “virtual prizes.”  For example, after a certain number of minutes they unlock new books available for them to read online.  They can also be entered into summer sweepstakes to earn prizes from the craft company Klutz.

If you know of or find any other programs out there, please share, you (i mean, your kids) can never have too many books…no matter what your floor says!




3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Programs

  1. Half Priced Books also has a program for the summer. Your child keeps a reading log, with the goal of reading 15 minutes everyday. Once they have reached 300 minutes, they can take their log in to the store and receive $5 in Bookworm Bucks.


    • I am excited that it’s helpful! Our kids will have to compare reading logs (well, by “our kids” we both know it will only be the two oldest…but still!).


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