You know that trip you are planning, the one that came to you in a moment of energetic optimism (really is there anything on earth more dangerous than energetic optimism…I think not), the one that is going to help you “get away” and, magically, is not going to cost a fortune.  You know, that one!  Turns out, trips costs a fortune.

Or maybe you are staying home this summer but you find yourself already counting down your 50,400 minutes of summer and you are needing creative ways to justify the amount of screen time going on in your house.  You have already out spent your craft, summer field trip, and fun budget.  Turns out, staying home costs a fortune.

This will help.  What follows is a list of *free* books on Amazon.  They are all free downloads with Kindle app.  Even if you do not have a Kindle, just download the Kindle app on whatever device you are willing to place in the hands of your child and let them read at will.  There are thousands of free books available but I have learned that where ebooks are concerned, the best things in life are not always free…with a few exceptions.

Picture books:

  • The Ugly Duckling  (Hans Christian Andersen)  The classic tale of judging a book by its cover.
  • Lily Lemon Blossom: Welcome to Lily’s Room  (Barbara Miller)  A cute story about a little girl who wants to show you her room.
  • Harry the Happy Mouse  (n.g.k)  This story follows a chain of kindness that all begins when Mouse decides to help Frog.
  • Cassidy and the Rainy River Rescue   (Keely Chace)  Cassidy may be fast but she quickly learns more is needed on a farm than speed.  The animals must learn to use their gifts to help each other.
  • Bedtime, Little Bear   (John Lancer)  Mother Bear keeps calling Little Bear in for bedtime but all he hears are the sounds of nature .
  • The Sleepy Dragon  (Amanda Bannikov)  Knight Kimothin has yet to slay a dragon, a fact the other knights do not let her forget.  She must find a dragon.

Chapter books:

  • Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest (Episode 1: The Quest for More Screen Time)  (Marti Dumas)  If you only download one book, this should be it!  Jaden is an experiment loving, hilarious, and crafty kindergarten boy who must figure out how to get his parents to approve more screen time.
  • Rebekah – Girl Detective #1: The Mysterious Garden  (PJ Ryan)  With flowers disappearing from the community garden, Rebekah is determined to find the thief.
  • The Black Star of Kingston (S.D. Smith)  In the prequel to the highly praised “The Green Ember,” we learn about a brave group of rabbits who have been forced from their home and must start a new life in a new land.  It is a fascinating tale of sacrifice, leadership, and courage.  There are some intense moments throughout the book that may prove scary for younger readers or even older, sensitive children.
  • The Mystery of Claw Mountain and The Mystery of the Missing Money (Paul Woxham)  From The Mystery Series, most of series costs money but these two are free.  They can be easily compared to The Boxcar Children books.  A group of fun loving, adventure seeking children find themselves embroiled in a variety of mysteries.  These are great vacation reading books for your older kids.
  • The Ridiculous Adventures of Michael Mattingly: #1 The Terrible Monster  (Jackie Vandall Thomas III)  This is a funny, quick story following Michael Mattingly through the mundane parts of his day as he waits for his real adventures to begin through his fingers on his computer keyboard.




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