New Favorites: Author Edition

You know those moments when you are reading and the way an author turns a phrase has you re-reading the sentence just to appreciate it or an author creates a character so believable that you feel like you have met an actual person (only to have  people say insane things to you like, “Christy, you do realize Sirius is a work of fiction, right?”)? Recently, I had these moments with a new-to-me author.

Marti Dumas writes in a way that connects; she connects you to words and characters and leaves you searching Amazon for everything she has ever written. Her writing style is funny, witty, thoughtful, and engaging for children and adults. She has created a character who loves ninja dancing, she has embedded Dr. Who references in her writing, and she has written a blog post titled “Be like Stephen King”. If you have not stopped reading this and started searching Amazon yet, go ahead, I’ll wait.

She has introduced the world to a fantastic character in Jaden Toussaint. I have found myself, repeatedly, reading about his adventures on my own.  Jaden is a young boy who is all about exploration, experiments, and excitement while being raised in a family of readers.  His interactions with his family are genuine and hilarious. The way Dumas describes Jaden’s problem solving process is excellent.  In an amazing turn of events, the first book about Jaden called Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest: Episode 1 The Quest for Screen Time, is free on Amazon right now. So far, there are 3 episodes about Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest.

Dumas has also written the longer chapter book, Jala and the Wolves.  Jala is a 6 year girl who is about to have an unexpected adventure.  This is a book that your children will thoroughly enjoy reading on their own, but you will find yourself inventing reasons to read it to them (despite all the boxes of silent reading they need to check off for their homework).  She also has the upcoming chapter book called, Jackie’s Dragon, and considering the author and the fact that a little girl is interacting with a dragon, I have no doubt it will be fantastic.


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