Dear America

I am taking that first step down a slippery slope. That first step is entirely avoidable but oh so satisfying. I am, in full awareness, going to write a blog post detailing books about the United States of America for the 4th of July. It is so cliche I was not going to do it and still so perfect I cannot help myself.

The logic is sound. There is a series largely about U.S. history that I want to talk about but never seem to fit in anywhere until my sister pointed out that there is an entire upcoming holiday celebrating U.S. history. Perfect.

Until the blog becomes:

  1. 5 Perfect Books for Arbor Day
  2. 10 Amazing Books for World Pancake Day
  3. 3 Fantastic Books for Wheat Day
  4. 10 Incredible Books for National Donut day
  5. 100 Million Super Books for World Chocolate Day

The slippery slope. (Also, apparently I am hungry). It is too easy but, occasionally, appropriate to connect dates and events with books about those dates and events. I will do my best to use this crutch wisely and sparingly.

To that end, let me introduce you to the Dear America series. In this historical fiction series, events are chosen from U.S., and sometimes world, history and told through the diaries of a fictional girl from that time. The stories are fascinating, challenging, and compelling. The way they are told brings history to life in a new way for kids. They are able to sympathize with and imagine the stories so much more because they are told from a child’s point of view. For your child who is interested in history, these are a must read.

There are two spinoff series from the Dear America books. First is My Name is America; the stories in this series are told through the diaries of a fictional boy. The second series, called The Royal Diaries, takes historic queens from around the world and tells their childhood stories through fictional diaries.

At the end of each book, there is a historical note. These notes give a general history lesson about life and the major events during the time the story takes place. The books are an excellent introduction to historical events and figures that have helped shaped the United States of America, for good or for ill.




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