Reading Nooks

Essential qualities of a proper reading nook:

  • Comfort – You must be able to sustain hours in one position while reading, and occasionally sleeping.
  • Convenience – You need to keep all necessary items within reach (see above for “sustain hours in one position”). You will need a place for your drink of choice, some food (by food, i mean chocolate), your blankets, beach towels, pillows (whatever bedding accessories you need for your location), and, only if being used for a Kindle, a charger.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Since you plan on spending many, many hours in this place, it should have a look you find relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable. It is an art.
  • Books – A reading nook must have books! No cellphones, no computers, no distractions, just books.

I am not an overly crafty or decorative person; Pinterest and I have never clicked (pun intended). And so I have been surprised by how much care and attention I find myself giving to the creation of reading nooks. It would be difficult for me to think of anything more comforting and peaceful than a good reading nook. They are small areas of personal space and solitude and joy (something every parent of small children craves). You know you have created a good reading nook when you can curl up in that space and feel the actual world recede as you get lost in the imaginary. It is a space where you will feel every human emotion invoked by the written word and still be at rest.

These are the favorite reading nooks in my home:


The Crib-Turned-Reading Nook option


The Captain-Seat-Turned-Reading Nook option


The Common Reading Nook


The Breezy Reading Nook


The Reading Nook…


With The Best View


The Peaceful Reading Nook

P1060338 (2)

The Parent’s-Lap-Reading Nook – Rated #1 Among Children of All Ages

I’ll be right back…one (or all) of these places is calling my name.

Happy reading!



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