Christmas is Coming

I do not know how it is possible but this week we welcome December. It does not matter whether your December brings sun or snow or the dust of harmattan, December means Christmas is coming. It is my favorite holiday, with its excitement, anticipation, joy, tradition, and goodwill.

Every part of Christmas is enjoyable to me: the music, the food, the presents, the decorations, the Advent calendars, the time off. Admittedly, by the time Boxing Day comes around I never want to hear another Christmas song, or eat anything even remotely peppermint flavored, or try and deal with yet another set of tangled lights, or keep track of counting down to anything, and I am more than ready to get back to the normal routine of life. Those facts are best ignored at this point.

I love building traditions and making memories with my children in the days leading up to Christmas and am always looking out for new things to try. My goal is to keep the traditions and the tradition making process simple, fun, and child driven. Yes, that means our Christmas tree looks like it was decorated by four small children. It was! Our gingerbread houses have a generous helping of creative license. The sugar cookies look homemade, in the true sense of the word not the magazine definition. Sometimes, Elfie B. Jingle Bottom (our beloved Elf on the Shelf) goes through very lazy periods where he does not move for a few days but that is entirely my fault. In the midst of all this fun, there is the constant temptation to do more and do better. I learned early on in this parenting thing that giving in to that temptation only leads to stress, frustration, dissatisfaction, and my nemesis, Pinterest. It is not good.

This year though, the internet got me. I have seen this idea circling social media for about a week and am very excited about trying something new. I first saw this idea for a book advent “calendar” on Book Riot and was immediately inspired. Books plus Christmas, ummmm…yes! The general idea is that you wrap one book for each of the 25 days in December leading up to Christmas. Each day your child opens one book! I absolutely love this idea. I have taken all of our Christmas books and wrapped them up. Now all there is to do is wait. p1030349




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