25 Book Suggestions for Your Advent Book Project

If you are like me, you found inspiration in the advent book idea. Now you are left with the follow through. Oh the dreaded follow through. I am not a fan. I am a fan of magic: waving a wand and it all coming together or better yet going to sleep and elves doing it all for me. The individualized wrapping on 25 books seems like exactly the kind of thing magic is for. Ideas are wonderful; the actual carrying out of said ideas, not so much. Here is why:

List of things I would rather be doing than wrapping 25 books:

  1. Reading. Surprise! I am nothing if not unpredictable. Ha!
  2. Listening to Hamilton (again and again and again…still).
  3. Making lists of all the dreams deferred, things undone, and resolutions unmet.
  4. Binge watching any and all of the Netflix Marvel shows.
  5. Scouring library book sales, garage sales, and used book stores for books.

None of these things require magical intervention (unless I ever have plans to reverse anything on #3’s list) and are infinity more enjoyable. Having said that, the end product is worth it. The kids have been so excited about getting to open a book everyday. Our Christmas books have gone from, “Oh, that one again,” to “OHMYGOSH, what book is that?” Also there was the one, “Geez, I can already tell what this one is, Mom.” But we will just skip right over the I-am-almost-10-I-know-everything-already snark. Their overall level of excitement has made any amount of wrapping worth it (well, almost).

In order to help us all stay sane and still have time to do the things on our “I would rather” list, here is a list of 25 books to use for the advent book project.

Happy wrapping or embrace the genius of gift bags…either way you have successfully followed through.


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