Library Book Sale Game

On Saturday, I mentioned that there was a library book sale I planned to go to: the highly anticipated hard cover fiction only book sale. My entire family stopped what they were doing and as one turned their questioning eyes on me. The children were a chorus of “oh no,” “please don’t make us go,” “I don’t want to go” (except my oldest who said, “YES”…she knows what’s up). My husband casually motioned to our beautifully original tiled floor. (Alright, it is not really tile covered. It is book covered but as the books seem to permanently reside on the floor, I prefer to think of them as tiles.) He said, “Do we need more books?”

While my mind understands that our family of six is already bursting the metaphorical seams of our home, my heart demands BOOKS! Our bookshelves are double layered, an actual nightmare that I am desperately trying to wake up from. We have invented a new way to display books known as “book pillars” (see “stack of books”) artfully occupying the corners of every room. Even so, I am unable (well, unwilling) to resist $1 hard cover books. I mean, really! What is a girl to do?

In an effort to further justify my habit (always a healthy approach), I have created a game to play while at a library book sale. Now, magically, it is a sport and completely justifiable. Due to the fact that in order to play this game you are already at a book sale, everyone who plays automatically wins. But because I am competitive to a fault, there are points awarded throughout the game for those who want to truly win and achieve the most points. Here is how it works.

Points awarded for:

  • Book with a library checkout pocket in it: 25 points
  • Book with checkout card still in pocket: 25 points
  • Hard cover copy of a children’s classic: 20 points
  • Warriors (by Erin Hunter) books: 1/2 point each (Should you find yourself behind in the game, this is an easy way to run up your score).
  • Hard cover Harry Potter book: 50 points
  • Note from previous owner: 10 points
  • Book you have been looking for: 30 points
  • New release: 25 points
  • Books under $1: 10 points
  • Book a friend has been looking for: 40 points (Yes, you get more points for finding a book for a friend…because the joy of giving!)

Points subtracted for:

  • Book with loose library binding: 5 points
  • Ripped pages: 10 points
  • Book with underlining, highlighting, or writing in the margins: 20 points
  • James Patterson or Nora Roberts books: 1/2 point

Bonus points:

  • Book 11 of The Series of Unfortunate Events (by Lemony Snickets) (Yeah, that complete set I thought I had ended up having two book 8s…thanks memory): 100 points and my address
  • Checking out with a total that matches the amount of cash you have: 50 points

“May the odds ever be in your favor.”







2 thoughts on “Library Book Sale Game

  1. Two of Book 8? You know what that means, right? You have to start collecting a second set! (I’m accidentally doing that myself. In my defense, I do have more than one child, right?!)


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