Welcome, 2017!

2017 is here. It arrived without the gradual, partial week easing into the New Year. It arrived without a week that started as December and ended as January to give me the illusion of buffer days. Buffer days to transition from holiday glutton to super-serious-self-discipline girl. 2017 put its metaphorical foot down and demanded attention. A clean break from 2016.

The problem is, I need those buffer days. I did not know it five days ago but I was not ready. Oh, I was ready for the much belabored 2016 to be over and done with but, apparently, I was not at all prepared for the stringent, immediate approach of 2017. I needed a minute or day to formulate my thoughts and tempt fate through the making of resolutions.

Several years ago I made a not-so-shocking personal discovery. I do not keep my New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I never had any *real* intention of keeping them. Ever. While I understood the concept of forward thinking and setting goals, the whole process felt strict and sterile. In an effort to retain the principals of “New Year’s Resolutions” without the overbearingness of it all, I decided long ago to limit my goals to a single, more fluid, open to interpretation, attainable word.

One year ago, I determined that 2016 was to be brought to me by: drama. Just kidding. How prophetic would that have been?! In all seriousness, one year ago, my two words (yes, I know I just emphasized the whole “single word” thing but sometimes a year calls for more) for 2016 were: apologize and courage. I failed miserably attempting to learn to apologize more quickly, more sincerely, and without sarcasm. But the courage one, the courage one was a success.

The fact that I love to read is well known but until last year, very few knew that I enjoy writing *almost* as much. Due to life circumstances (see also “babies”) and my fear of public failure, I have written only in my imagination for many years. For a long time, this blog was a part of that imagination. But in 2016, feeling the need to do something courageous, Well Worn Pages became a reality. While not perfect and still very much a work in progress, I consider it a success that there is even real progress to be had.

And so now after actually beginning something I set out to do, I find myself hesitating with this new year.

But we are four days in already, and as usual, I do not have time to hesitate. With that in mind, my words (yes, again with the plural) for 2017 are: organization and self-discipline.  Self-discipline to keep writing, keep focused, and keep ahead when all I want to do is sit down, read a book or ten, and eat chocolates. I have question marks about this one. I foresee “Apologize: Redux” in my future. Surprisingly, my hopes are set on organization…mostly because I have already started. Here are the kid’s bookshelves before and after:

bookshelf img_20170103_145857221-2

It is a start. And starting is the hardest part, right?!



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