Best Books to Give Your Kids This Christmas

Here’s how the Christmas cycle goes. At the dawn of December there is a magical anticipation of what is to come. You find creative ways to get everyone in your family exactly what they have spent all year dreaming about. You dance and sing along to “All I Want For Christmas” with an enthusiasm that could rival Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister dance in Love, Actually. You organize the perfect advent countdown events that will have your family bonding like frosting to gingerbread.

But then something happens. Disillusionment creeps into that cinnamon scented air. You begin to ask yourself, “Why am I happily singing, ‘The weather outside is frightful,’ and ‘Let it snow’ when it is 86* F outside?” You begin to experience something that can only be described as song rage every time you hear “Last Christmas.” You begin to have an allergic reaction to the cinnamon stick smell that is every. where. You even dare to think maybe you can just give the teachers homemade cards. With nothing inside. (You know you’ve thought it too. If it works for Mother’s Day, it ought to work for teacher’s too, right? NO! This is wrong. Never think this again! Even if someone plays “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on repeat. Fight. It.)

And then just before you lose your ever-loving mind, suddenly it is the Twelve Days of Christmas and all is merry and bright again! You have a renewed excitement for Christmas morning and all that it means. Not merely a thing in a box, but a Baby and an Ultimate gift. You have a deepened gratitude for those close to you. You have a growing sense of comfort and joy. You weathered that proverbial storm and now solidly, once again, appreciate what Christmas is all about.

The only problem being, all that perspective and depth gained does not, in fact, fill stockings. But books do! And I can help with that.

Board Books

This year is all about board book collections. What could be better than opening a present you think is one book only to discover eight books within! As an added bonus, my personal favorites can be found at Costco right now and are cheaper than on Amazon!

BabyLit Classic Box Set – Admittedly, this is the least practical of the suggested gifts. However, think about how cool that impracticality will look on your baby’s book shelf! (This is only $15.99 at Costco right now.)

The Best Classic Christmas Stories – This set is worth it for Little Blue Truck’s Christmas alone, but the seven other books seal the deal. (Again, $15.99 at Costco.)

The Eric Carle Library – You may already have Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and The Very Hungry Caterpillar but do you have The Greedy Python or A House for Hermit Crab? With this box set you could own those plus six other lesser known Carle books.

The Harper Collins Classic Library – This box set includes some of my all time favorites like, Mommy’s Best Kisses, Freight Train, and Harold and the Purple Crayon! Go ahead and buy extras of this set because they would also be perfect baby shower gifts.

Alphaprints Library – If you are looking to go the educational route, these are perfect! You have animals, colors, shapes, and first words galore.

Picture Books

Jabari Jumps – Gaia Cornwall’s story of trying to overcome fear is a must-have. This is a particularly good book for those with a knack for bravado.

Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors – This book is hilarious, as one comes to expect from Drew Daywalt. The back story of this legendary meeting is epic and a blast to read out loud.

I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda – I think this may be my favorite of Steve Anthony’s Mr. Panda books. This is a very cute story about the good that can come from just a little bit of patience.

Plant the Tiny Seed – Christie Matheson does these interactive books so well. Plant the Tiny Seed is a fun way to get young kids excited about spring and planting flowers.

What To Do With A Problem – When I think of a book I want to give to every child, this is in the top five. Kobi Yamada has such a gifted way of using a story to help give children tangible tools for problem solving.

*Bonus* – My Busy Books are excellent gifts for any occasion, Christmas included. There is guaranteed to be one for any child’s character preferences and they produce endless hours of fun.

Early Grade Chapter Books

Like box sets with board books, collections with these early chapter books make excellent gifts. One book is good, but more books are always better!

Jaden Toussaint (Marti Dumas) – This five book series is funny, adventurous, smart, and creative. My kids quote lines from these books all the time because the stories have a way of engaging kids (and adults) in a unique way.

Magic Tree House (Mary Pope Osborne) – Time traveling tree houses, historical fiction disguised as magic, and kids consantly outwitting their parents…what could be better?! These books are well-established favorites and for good reason.

Boxcar Children (Gertrude Chandler Warner) – These books are great for the future Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys loving kids. There is a mystery around every corner and these four orphans always seem to find themselves right smack in the middle of every single one.

Beverly Cleary – This treasured author wrote something for everyone, from her Ramona books, to the Henry series, to the Ralph Mouse tales, you will find a set that grabs your child’s literary attention.

Roald Dahl – Every child should have Matilda, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The BFG, and Danny Champion of the World on their shelves, not to mention, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach.

Middle Grade Chapter Books

Track series (Jason Reynolds) – This series, which includes Ghost, Patina, and the newly released Sunny, has been my favorite to read this year. The books follow a group of five kids who are new to the club track team they run with. Reynolds’ writing pulls you into the story and brings life to characters you feel like you remember from your days in school. My oldest daughter could not put these books down.

Jupiter Storm (Marti Dumas) – If you follow Well Worn Pages on Facebook, then you have already heard me talk about my love for this book. Dragons, magic, family drama, and life lessons…that is the stuff of captivating storytelling!

Echo (Pam Munoz Ryan) – This 2016 Newberry Medal winner was one of my daughter’s favorite books to read this year. This is the one book of this list I have not read, but it is on my desk to read over the break.

Wollstonecraft Detective Agency series (Jordan Stratford) – The premise of these books alone makes them uniquely intrguing, but then the writing and storytelling within their pages are equally as engaging. Imagine Ada Lovelace and Mary Shelley living at the same time, homeschooling together, and then deciding to become detectives! I highly recommend this series for some light, fun, and imaginative reading.

A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle) – Because of March 9th! If you plan to go watch the movie with your kids, please for the love of everything, read the book first!

This is a list of books that gets me in the Christmas spirit! Now to somehow avoid ever hearing “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus” again so we can keep that Christmas spirit going for the next twelve days!


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