Library Cards: What’s In Your Wallet?

Some days I feel as though my brain is turning into actual mush.

I blame the years of not sleeping through the night. I blame the years of managing the family laundry/meals/schedule trifecta. I blame the years of trying to remember four different children’s names, bedtime songs, and special, un-washable, irreplaceable items.

I in no way blame the scientifically proven link between brains-turning-to-mush and years of a diet consisting solely of sugar and carbonation. I absolutely do not blame the scientifically proven link between brains-turning-to-mush and years of a perfecting a sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever the cause, it is happening. Here’s the proof. This is a series of texts between myself and my daughter’s softball coach “J.” You will notice her asking me several innocuous questions which I answer one of two ways, either with absurd inaccuracy (as in the case of claiming that my 6 year-old daughter was born in 2013) or complete misunderstanding (as when she tells me my daughter will have to move up to the next level and I say a version of “I understand, but will she have to move up?”).



It is a humiliating tragedy of errors.

Sugar, sedentary lifestyles, and general laziness aside, what I actually blame is the whipping boy of the moment, social media. All the click bait-y titles, the numbered points typed in bold that scream “ignore the rest of this article, only read me,” the stylized block quotes in middle of the text that give you any additional information you could have possibly gleaned, and the pictures or gifs, oh my, it all works towards reducing my ability to thoroughly read through something, even a text.

While there is nothing wrong with these forms of reading and writing, in small doses, in large doses, it has begun to shift my habits. Habits that were originally honed in the library. There I learned to be thorough, precise, and exploratory.

I need those habits back. And so, during this National Library Week, I would argue that what we need more than our cellphones is our library cards.

Your library card offers you a portal into a magical world where the walls are, literally, lined with books, where there is, literal, peace and quiet, and where you can walk out the doors with your arms loaded with books…for free!

But that’s not all!

  1. Story time – Children story times have become an essential part of most libraries. Often there are Parent and Baby classes offered for babies as young as six months old. Different classes then continue all the way through preschool. During my parenting-of-young-children phase, these classes were my life line. I looked forward to them as much as the kids did. There were years in there where library story time was the only social outing we could manage in a week. And, in additional to all that, the classes are very effective in helping establish a love of books in your children.
  2. Classes – Libraries do not just leave you stranded once you start school. Throughout the week, libraries offer a variety of classes to school age children, teens, and adults. You can learn everything from knitting to coding to basket weaving and almost anything in between. Your libraries newsletter or weekly email update are an important resource for finding out what is available to you and your children.
  3. Book Sales -While this benefit is not free, it is much, much cheaper than anything else you can find. You’ll be spending so little money for so many books that it can *almost* feel like you are getting them for free (although my husband would strongly disagree). Library book sales have become so popular that many libraries are adding Friends of the Library book stores right into the library buildings. It is an exercise in self-discipline to not spend all the money there.
  4. Computer/Internet Access – Libraries offering free internet and computer access is one of the most important ways that libraries are able to significantly help the members of their community. With so much job, housing, and information searching done online, having a free place to access those resources is a start in leveling the playing field.
  5. Events – From Family Science Nights to local author meet and greets to music concerts, there is always something going on at the library that you can enjoy…for free! We have seen all manner of reptile shows, magicians, science nights, Lego building contests, art nights, and on and on. I have noticed that, more and more, libraries are also starting to have book clubs. Some are online book clubs but others are “in house.” While I have yet to participate in one, I find this option to be perfectly fitting. What could be more appropriate than meeting with a book club…in a library.
  6. Bonus Round: Inter Library Loan – Inter Library Loan is the magical technology that gives you access, not only to the books available in the library building you are in, but also libraries across your county. If you are willing to wait, your free reading options are almost limitless with this option. There is a science to getting books on hold through this system. (Oh, that would make an excellent library class!) I cannot recommend using this resource enough.

It should be pointed out that many libraries will allow you to get a library card from them even if you do not live in that town or even county! Sometimes there are restrictions, such as being unable to access the online catalog of e-books, but that is a small thing to sacrifice for the possibility of an extra library card. There is always space in your wallet for an extra library card or 5!

I have found no evidence of this study yet, but I am confident if someone were to study it, they would find a direct, scientifically proven link between the number of library cards you own and your brain-turning-to-super-power level.

So don’t worry about all the sugar, sedentary-ness, and social media, just get another library card!





2 thoughts on “Library Cards: What’s In Your Wallet?

  1. Christy, terrific blog about the gift of the library; plus the comedy of errors with the texting was hilarious! I sent it to my daughter, Annie (Smith) Barkalow, she’ll be able to relate on so many levels with the blog.

    On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 9:18 AM, well worn pages wrote:

    > Christy posted: “Some days I feel as though my brain is turning into > actual mush. I blame the years of not sleeping through the night. I blame > the years of managing the family laundry/meals/schedule trifecta. I blame > the years of trying to remember four different childre” >


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